We offer e-commerce solutions such as online shops.

We prefer not to use those ‘off the shelf’ programs in our websites just because we would like to customize the feature just the way you need it; eliminating unused/unwanted features/functions left in the code. Besides, this will make it easy to manage the shop for you.

We have created a demo shop as an example of the ease of use and functionality of one of our shopping carts

View demoShop

Just like any other online shop, you can select products, put them in a cart, check out, and make a payment. GUI and features are completely customizable!

Login Admin Site

This allows you to manage products or users, as well as orders.

Our Process

Our process brings your idea and our work together!

Phase 1: Strategy & Planning
Phase 2: Initial Payment & Design
Phase 3: Prototype & Implementation
Phase 4: Development
Phase 5: Deployment
Choosing a Hosting Company

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