A quality design aesthetic is virtually useless without a well-executed backend architecture to support it.

At @aBoyDesign, our development team utilizes a wide range of current technologies to develop a powerful and efficient website.

Competencies & Technologies:

  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript / VBScript / XHTML
  • PHP / Perl / ASP / XML
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL / SQL Server
  • Linux - Apache / Windows - IIS

We offer services for developing database-driven websites and/or backend customization. With the database integration, your static, view-only website can start collecting customer's inputs, presenting a report, selling items, etc... possibilities are infinite! Some examples of features a database-driven website can provide:

  • Web-based community content system
  • Online shopping cart
  • User management
  • Inventory management
  • Web-based database management software
  • etc...

If you have ideas or needs for enhancing your current website or want to try a new technology, why donít you contact us for free quotes. We can turn your idea or concepts into reality!

Our Process

Our process brings your idea and our work together!

Phase 1: Strategy & Planning
Phase 2: Initial Payment & Design
Phase 3: Prototype & Implementation
Phase 4: Development
Phase 5: Deployment
Choosing a Hosting Company

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