Medium Size Website Package

Pages: 6 - 15

This may be the most common choice for small to medium size business owners. This package provides an extensive amount of information on each product/service . Medium Size Website usually include following pages:

Home Page This page is a window to your site. It usually best reflects the site’s content and offers general ideas of what your site is about.
About Us This page usually describes about your company, such as a history, and a mission statement.
Service Page This page usually provides services or products your company offers. If your company produces or sells products, they are commonly listed with some pictures.
Contact Us Page This page contains the contact information, such as your address, phone number, email address, map, etc. Most often, the visitors can submit their inputs or questions from this page.
Additional Pages These additional pages may be pages about individual services/products, or even e-commerce pages to manage the information about the products. The maximum number of these additional pages would be 10 pages.

By no means are the prices below set in stone... if you can find another provider that can offer the same features (or better for that matter) for a lower price, we will beat their price.

Our price is based on HTML / CSS and some images. If your site requires animated gif or Flash, database, and/or scripting like PHP, CGI, ASP, its cost may be increased. Please contact us for a personalized quote for your needs.

Our Process

Our process brings your idea and our work together!

Phase 1: Strategy & Planning
Phase 2: Initial Payment & Design
Phase 3: Prototype & Implementation
Phase 4: Development
Phase 5: Deployment
Choosing a Hosting Company

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